MnM Idea

Since valve and every idea in the world right now contains magic and their game is a personal computer video game with magic and spells in their own world and even items that use magic, i decided to create a magic medic with the initials MnM. I just couldn’t think of a fourth ability or a job title for the medic. im not that creative and i couldn’t think of an aghnims ability.

You might try to say mind my own business when i try to give an idea or revise an old idea but i feel am responsible for the game since i play the game. I’m their fanbase. Then i realize they probably started this game thirty years ago so i don’t know what to think or do. Im just having fun when i create or recreate for their game. I am not trying to ruin or take over the game.

This idea is half baked because i have to develop artwork and any artwork i develop would just cause problems for valve’s fans. Everything developed on earth is based off the color, shade, and shape combination. And I learned that from let me out because the designs are much simpler than valve’s games but it’s more fun and I forget how to beat the level when I try to finish a previous completed level.

Mana Naturopathic Medic

Mana Navy Medic

Mana Navipathic Medic

Mana Navyside Medic

Mana Nettle Medic

Mana Neutralization Medic

Protect Round (ability 1)

Launches a device that attaches to a targeted ally that forms into a forcefield. Once it forms into a forcefield it protects an ally from damage and all forms of mana loss for one second.

I chose the name protect round because it protects people. I chose round because she is a military personal from starcraft one. That heals mana instead of life.

The duration is one second or until damage is taken. This is to make the ability fun to cast.

It only protects from a single instance of damage. It protects from all instances of mana loss.

The amount of mana lost from casting this ability is 25 mana.

The idea is from the snipe ability from starcraft nova campaign. This hero is designed around nova.

Ability 2

Launches a device at an ally that works like omniknight’s purification. The difference is that when it attaches to an ally. It causes damage to allies and enemies surrounding the target (unit, hero) whenever the target is damage, the target is enemies are damaged. But when enemies take damage the target is healed.

Pain Game (Ability 3)

Magic Link (ultimate)

Causes autoattacks from allies to be increased in damage and deacreased attackspeed when that ally attacks. When the ally attacks MnM’s magic is spent instead of dealing low damage.

I chose this idea because autoattacks need to be slowed down in this game. It can be casted on allies or enemies. Also it causes aoe abilities to become single target abilities.

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