Campaigns for Dota 2

Dota needs to add a campaign. I don’t know how they’ll do it with all of their characters. But they have too many characters. A campaign will normalize the game and prepare them for online gameplay.

Look at Starcraft 1 and 2. Both of those campaigns prepare you for normal gameplay. In the Starcraft campaign the player goes through a timed mission for each race. During these timed missions you learn how to manipulate and control the race that has been given to you.

This is why I think Dota should have a campaign. It will also tell people what’s normal. This is why people thought I was not playing correctly with the game when I played dota 1. Because I got lucky with my Powershot timing and guessed where the enemy was in the fog of war.

Back then we did not have pro matches in the eastern united states that told us if that was possible. Also I never adjusted to the fast pace changes in the game mechanics. A new patch every quarter year is fast and make it hard to tell how to adjust to the game. A campaign would help adjust players to that.

We need to be trained on what the basics of the game are.

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