Lady Bugs

You know what would be cool. If they added a lady bug to the zerg. The lady bug could, resurrect, heal, attract, or teleport a group of units with her. Those are the things that lady bugs could do. What if the game had a lady bug. What would it do? One thing it could do is resurrect dead zerg. It could be implemented in many ways. One way it could be implemented is by resurrecting surrounding allied units.

Another way is by having it cover an ally inside a shield and resurrecting that unit when they die. The lady bug could also function as a healer. She could function as a healer and heal one unit. The cool idea about this is she can float in the air to avoid units like zergling or zealots, or stay on the ground to for a stronger heal. She could also function as an attractor meaning she could have enemies attack just her or she could cause all the enemies to attack a single enemy similar to what winter wyvern does.

The final way is to teleport herself and any allied surrounding units with her. I don’t quite understand the design behind the units in the game I just know it would add a healer to the zerg.

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