Three of a Kind

The development team is doing what they can about updating the matchmaking system. There are multiple ways to update the matchmaking system. Many of those concepts, the development team as tried before. There is one idea they have not tried that I want to go over. Fifty percent of the heroes could try this idea. Making three to four heroes who align with each other. What is the idea. Basically let’s take weaver. Weaver is an ant with time abilities. Germinate allows him to warp an attack from the future. Time lapse allows him to travel to the past. What if weaver had two other allies with time based attacks that were ants also. Basically, a few other ants with time abilities. There abilities would have to synergize or compliment with weaver’s abilities. I have no idea how this would affect how fun the game would become but it would add a new mindset to gameplay. One problem that this system would cause is that people would become narrow minded. They would get angry with players for not picking an all ant team. It would cause that type of problem. We also might have leavers based on what allies or enemies picked. That is why I offered the solution of having three of a kind instead of five of a kind for this system. If it was three of a kind. Allies couldn’t argue over issues of hero selection.

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