Timed Matches

Why matches should be timed is the question I want to ask right now. Time matches will change the atmosphere of the game definitely.  It will decrease game length and increase player frustration, but it will make better players all around.

What is a timed match? A timed match is a match that ends in a draw when the game hasn’t concluded in a desired timeframe.

The first thing it will do? This change will increase player competence and make people become better at the game. It will make players better because most players don’t want to suffer a draw or loss. So, there game will have to improve to something more substantial.

Time Matches will also frustrate players but make them more dedicated when they achieve their goal. It’s nothing like winning that makes you happy. It might be harder to climb match making ratio but when you do it is more pleasing.

Complaints of game stomps should quiet down. There comes matches where you’re stomping but you cannot finish. In these instances, the match will end in a draw. For the opposing team, the match will be a god send where in modern matches people stomp until they get strong enough to force the match. Also, it will make these players better. It will make them better because they will learn how to force the match earlier. It may take awhile but they will learn.

People crying about hackers will decrease. Hackers I admit are bad. No one wants to play against a hacker but if a player views someone stomp the game and it ends in a draw. That player will see that the other team didn’t perform well as they expected, and they will throw less complaints at the game. After all, the end result of the game is to destroy the throne not to get the most kills. If an enemy gets a draw because they were going after kills instead of towers. Those players deserve to lose the match.

People will feel like they are playing a fair game. If most of your matches end in draws instead of wins or losses than you will not feel bad about yourself and you will not be overstuffed with confidence. Also if draws increase match making ratio by a small amount compared to wins. People will feel like they accomplished something.

It will make people less angry. People only get angry because the match ends in a draw. The flipside is that the winning team will feel like they wasted their time. Because they put thirty minutes into a match that ended in a draw. Which means games might have to be shortened. A twenty-minute match might be quick and make people feel like they wasted less time.

The game will feel less immersive. A good match has three stages. The beginning stage, where the player kills creeps and he ganks (forcing an unexpected fight usually unfair to the team being killed) enemy players. The middle game where you take towers, and the players fight battles throughout the map. Lastly, the end game where you try and take the throne. Some people can achieve all three phases in 30 minutes. These people usually can tell when a game is lost within the first fifteen to twenty minutes. Most matches last between forty-five and sixty minutes.  To feel the full immersion of the match you have to play that long.  This will be lost if timed matches are added. Even pros play that long, sometimes.

It will discontinue two hour to five hour long matches. If the game ends by thirty minutes you won’t have to fight through a long match.

A good thing to keep in mind is Match making ratio increase and decrease. Low priority que should be taken out and abandons should make your MMR drop by twenty-five points. Losses should make your Match making Ratio drop by fifteen points. A draw should raise your match making ratio by fifteen points and a win should raise your Match making ratio by twenty-five points.

It will increase complaints about matches not lasting long enough.  Yes people will complain about this. But it’s a bad complaint because no one cares. The game is meant to operate the way if you add a timed match.

It will increase the playerbase. If most people had an option to play thirty or fifteen minutes then more people would play. This is a desire because most people don’t have time for a lost, especially a sixty minute loss. If you spend sixty minutes out of a work week playing a match you are looking for some sort of reward. A tough day spent at work should be rewarded not punished. It is a good reason I feel people are leaving dota. I just don’t know why they run to league of legends because league of legends is the exact same game as Dota.

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