Why the report system should stay

I have nine reports every week?

If a player has nine reports every week they’re doing something wrong because only one report gets recorded every few games. A conduct summary is there to tell the player how to react during games. If someone gets a good conduct summary than watch the last ten matches and see what you did well and record the match ids. Watch them over and over until an idea about how to behave during matches arises. Because each player acquires totally new people to play with every match. If the match is sour it’s most likely the player is not an enjoyable person to play with.

I mute players so why am i getting reported each match?

The player is acquiring reports because they’re not responding to people when they talk. The player is trying to avoid toxicity but they’re also blocking decent players. Muting people is still communication abuse because players are not responding to commands during the match. If someone pings or points out someone to attack a player needs to perform the action or explain why they didn’t do it.

I get reported for giving advice?

Advice is a good thing but dota 2 isn’t really the place to give advice because people being played with are random. If a person were playing with friends they could be rewarded or punished for bad and good behavior. Take psychology to learn how to punish and reward someone. It opens your eyes. That’s what the mute function is for.  A person who is muting someone else might be avoiding toxicity but they are also punishing the other party. It is a punishment because scholars know that making a person feel lonely is worse than not giving feedback. When they realize that no one is talking to them they will change their behavior.

I would rather just have commends?

The problem with learning is you need feedback about what is being done right and what is being done wrong…players don’t get a reward in dota except for continuation of playing the next match and behavior might be unacceptable people are just not reporting commending at the right times.  That’s a reason why commends are so bad because if the player is reported enough they find themselves in low priority queue or they get muted.

The punishment isn’t soon enough?

We’re humans, not dogs. Dogs need to be punished or rewarded right away but humans don’t need that treatment. We’re Rationale beings that can communicate with each other about the past and valve has made the conduct summary and replays available to accomplish that goal.

Having it during game is problematic?

The thing with dota is that it is an hour long match most times in most games but the highest tiers. If it is an hour long you might forget who you want to be reported. A lot happens in an hour and it’s easy to lose track of who you wanted to report or commend.

I should be reported for feeding because I’m just learning the game?

if a player wants to feed on purpose just play with bots. that’s what they’re there for. if the player wants to learn the timing of when to enter battle learn it with bots first. Bots are becoming more and more complicated.

A stacked team receives more commends than me?

A stacked team doesn’t receive more commends than non-stack teams unless they’re corrupt. When playing with stacked teams the last thing you care about is commends. Stacked teams think about either attaining objectives and the team strategy for the next match or they’re thinking of having fun.

I got reported for going dagon 5 despite owning with it?

Most people in lower tiers don’t look at items and if a player is higher tier than you have no idea if that’s the reason you were reported because the match doesn’t tell you when or why a player might be reported.

People I am reporting don’t get banned.?

Yes, they do but it happens over weeks or months, not days or hours.

The report function is being abused?

No its not, a person with this kind of thinking is just paranoid and doesn’t want to become better at the game. Worry about improving yourself and stop watching the matches of better players and watch yourself mostly it changes the outlook a player has about the game. Professional matches are good to watch for fun not to get better because a player has no idea why they make the choices they make. Professional players don’t inform us about why they do the things they do. Their goal is to hype up the game.

 In fact, if a new player joins the game and he/she is not very good, chances are he/she will be reported for not being as skilled as the other player and get voice banned, reported for feeding, or reported for text (chat) abuse for no given reason. It also encourages racism as players with other ethnicity are targeted just because they do not speak the same language or because they are a different race, and most of the time is an instant report with no reason behind it.

Again you have no idea if this is true if you’re banned for not speaking the three major languages that valve has made then that’s communication abuse and you can’t be banned for racism because no one can see your face.  You can’t tell someone’s race based on their voice. You can tell what region of the world they come from but you could be a white man from China or a black man from Russia. But it’s communication abuse to speak another language other than what valve said we can speak.

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