So what im up to….

I am on a search to gather 9 players separated into 2 permanent teams, during the span of 3 years, playing all the heroes. The two teams will verse each other every day using a different hero each time. This will teach players how to play heroes and at the same time teach them how to choose a correct line up to play in ranked. This will make us good enough to be able to play on a pro level and at the same time making it so that we are good players. It won’t be easy and for the players who suck it won’t make the game any easier but it should allow us to gain teamwork. Because i noticed players who are solo can not compete with vs a good team.

The bots just teach you how to own by yourself but it doesn’t teach you how to work as a team. this is one reason i do not like bots. additionally the bots do unrealistic things and humans are more creative than the bots. Bots do very idiotic stuff. humans do idiotic stuff to and argue but atleast the players can learn from it.

See people just copy off the pros and i am guilty of this also but honestly i think of my own strategies also. You learn how to counter correctly if you play this way.

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