Goals for this website

Today, I’ve been thinking of where I want to direct this blog. The last two blogs I did; I didn’t put enough time into and were not as successful. So if I want this blog to be successful, I need to decide on what I want to do it on. I’ve spent the entire morning figuring out how to stop procrastinating and be more dedicated towards my goals. Alot of common themes came up. One, A definite clear goal should be adhered to. The process should be developed. Lastly, a routine should be developed. I already knew routines were vital in making plans go forward. But I had no idea if it is true or not. So in response I have ordered a book to do more thorough research called daily rituals by Mason Currey. With that in mind, I think I will dedicate this entire post to goals. Goals for the blog and goals for life.

Before I go into goals, I want to discuss something. I read blogs. Today, early in the morning. After reading it something clicked in my head. It’s as if I felt like a breaking feeling in my mind. As if something had broken. So it left me doing the research, and I was doing a lot of research into depression, routines, and changing your life. I dunno, I felt like I had to research these things. So I started reading.

The thing that had clicked was the idea that people become depressed when are missing two things. A purpose or goal in life and a routine to follow this purpose. I forgot the name of the blog. Just google: how to start a routine and the result will be on the first page. I think the name was malandarras.

I’ve always been interested in how to change ones life, and Tips for the writer. Today, I searched for how to change ones life. Before I’ve read books such as the power of habit and other books. I read it but never tried tried the information because I cannot stay focused enough to apply the knowledge. Which requires you to log your day every 15 mins for several months, then look at the patterns and see how you want to change.

Alot of the research, I did over the internet this morning pointed towards this book. So, I guess I will try it out. Because I have no definite routine. The only changes I have ever been able to make in my life is going from playing starcraft to dota, from drinking sodas to water and tea, and from watching a lot of television to reading more.

Lately, I have found a need to rekindle my need to restart watching television. I’m doing it in small stretches though. Such as watching gotham and scandel. I hope to add black flags to this. Other shows I watch now is The first version of full metal alchemist, elfen lied, and futurescape.

So that’s alittle about the history of the situation.

Lets start. I will begin with blog goals. So Blog goals I have planned are (I will try and make 8)

1. Writing Ideas for Dota Heroes,Theme Changes, Items, Systems, Mechanics, Remakes, and other areas of dota.

What do I mean by systems. Systems I would like to be added to dota is an updated attribute system (agility, intelligence, strength)

Mechanics include something like a spirit floating around a stunned unit.

Remakes include changes of current heroes and mechanics, such as updating truestrike to not be so strong against evasion.

Theme Changes include changing lina inverse to have the spells names and model of death prophet but the spell mechanics remain with few changes and mostly just animation changes. Such as Dragon Slave throwing out bats and lsa having spirits revolve around stunned units.

2. Writing my process for creating my stories (the public ones), noting my difficulties and development as a writer.

3. General journaling I want the public to see.

4. My development as a gamer

5. Reviews of books I have read or am reading.

6. writing advice

7. life advice

8. interviews with gamers

9. what I am learning now and how long I plan on learning and the steps I will take to learn it

Reasons for this

1. It’s the entire purpose of this system..

2. It might help someone in the same predicament

3. Health benefits.

4. for anyone keeping track

5. for anyone looking for books to read

6. because I love to research it

7. because its something I like to research

8. because I think it will help the suggestion community

9. for record keeping.

Those are my subject goals. How I will develop this is by spending 9am to 10am writing my blog post. I will try and reach eight hundred words atleast. I will post everyday.

Since I am making goals for my blog post I figured I make a list of life goals in the next post. Or goals in the next five years. That might be better. Also talk about how I see I will achieve these goals. I made a list a couple months ago but I want to see what I have achieved. So I will also be discussing that.

So a list of things I want to achieve.

1. Setting a detail list of goals

2. setting how I will achieve them

3. how long I will take

4. why.

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