Null Field

Alot of people have been suggesting ideas for null so I figured I give my thoughts on rubick’s ability. Mainly, I think rubick would do fine if he had an ability that forced enemies to channel their next casted spell.

So what do I mean by this? I mean if, well rubick cast his pseudo stun on an enemy such as sven. Sven uses storm hammer to stun. But instead of the hammer coming out. Sven starts channeling instead.

It might include some good moments for the ability. Mainly,it would inlcude the ability to steal quicker or as a psuedo stun during battle. It has alot of potential. Take two enemies out of battle has alot of bonuses to it. Or even one hero, multiple times.

Imagine cast null attack on an enemy, that enemy casts a spell. The enemy caster is than forced to channel.

This would be a good counter to heroes like storm or omni. Just force them to channel when they want to use an annoying spell. I mean it’s a guaranteed kill if   you can force them to channel their ability. Then  rubick gains  the ability to steal the spell they channeled. It’s silver. It’s a real plus to your gameplay.

While they are channeling  they have two options. Channel the entire time or preemptively cancel the requirement. What happens to the caster depends on what you want to get out of the ability. The designer could stun, silence,, disarm. He could deal a large amount of damage. It all depends on what the designer wants out of the ability.

Another idea for this is instead of damage or stun as a punishment for striking to early. You could force the player to wait. Either they wait a long time and have a short cooldown on their ability. Or they wait a short time and have a long cooldown on their ability.

The flip side to this idea is that, instead  if you wait a short time more of your abilities are on cooldown. And if you wait a long time. Less of your abilities are on cooldown.

There are so many options to take with this ability. There isn’t one option that Is right. Just depends on what the designer is aiming for.
There is one issue with this ability. Once it becomes known, people will avoid using abilities until the duration is up.  A designer has to keep that in mind when designing this ability. It is only good for awhile. When I say good, I mean useful. It is only useful for awhile. After that period of usefulness, it becomes disheartening to cast it. Strategically its valueable. Also you could put some pressure on the enemy. Cast the channeling ability then chase them. Force them to run.

This might cause rubick users to get items like skadi. Skadi will slow forcing the enemy to use a spell to escape in some manner. Either through a blink ability, boost ability, or something like a stun or disarm. It depends on what your doing in the match really.

This does change his item composition though, what other items does this force you to get. Possibly that ability that increases spell output. If coded correctly with lens, it could create some havoc with the ability. I mean it could create some real havoc. Imagine if it stretched the duration of the channeling time. There are other things also. It’s a good ability. Though It might be better in aoe form rather than unit target. Or even global form. There are just so many possibilities with this ability.

Rubick is a really fun hero. Whats fun about rubick though. He lifts up an enemy (pseudo stun), he steals an ability. He is just a really fun hero. There are other things also. Like. His item choices.  I think guinsoo would become a prime example of another item the player would need to purchase if a forced channeling ability was added to his repertoire.  I think I need to do a post on making rubick even more fun.


Which reminds me, the enemy’s ability goes on cooldown after they cast the spell. The spell doesn’t go on cooldown when they start channeling the ability. It was suggested that this ability could set enemy channeling durations proptional to their cooldowns. Meaning their channel duration depends on their cooldown duration.  But this might be op in some scenarios and weak in others.

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